(Experimentally Unconventional Electronics Systems LABoratory)


(Experimentally Unconventional Electronics Systems LABoratory)

Electronics to NenoVision LiteScope™

High-speed Piezoelectric Controller

  • High-speed Open-Loop 500 kHz @ ±200 V @ 70 W.
  • High-speed Close-Loop min. 10 kHz @ ±200 V @ 70 W.
  • One driver supports adaptive PID for an unlimited quantity of axes without the need to change components.

Private CubeSat

  • Photography of the earth, objects of the solar system and nearby objects of the universe.
  • Rental of data of alternative sensors for scientific purposes.

High-end precision audio amplifier.

Project INCUS

  • Class Quasi-AB amplifier.
  • Type construction: serial-paralel single mono block.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise 0.03% over the audio spectrum 20Hz to 35,000Hz.
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 92dB with low noise floor of 2,0µV.
  • Linearity with and IMD (SMPTE) rating of 0,004%.
  • Ultra-low reverse impedance.
  • Output power of one monoblock: 136W@8ohm, 181W@6ohm, 272W@4ohm, 544W@2ohm.

Electronics to NenoVision LiteScope™

Electronics to Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

  • UHV compliant material
  • Precise signal control
  • Compact design
  • Cost management design

Microcontroller with 100% ATmega2560

TriloBITE 2560 PRO

  • MCU ATmega2560
  • 100% free ports
  • internal LDO supplies 3V3 a 5V
  • external supply from 1,8V
  • replaceable crystal

Design of electronics for heating system in cooperation with NenoVision.

4-channel Regulator for Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)

  • 4 variably galvanically separated channels
  • Powerful circuits protections
  • Simple fault identification
  • Multiband filtering of sensitive circuits
  • High temperature stability and low noise
  • Aluminum core for high-quality heat dissipation

Led display 1024pix


  • 8-bit data bus
  • analog brightness control

Universal DIN41612 card optimized for development for NenoVision.

DIN41612 development and diagnostic card

High current design and insulation properties.

Training programmer of microcontrollers with 89C2051 architecture.


  • Programming via RS232
  • Easy programming MCU

Endless camera slider


Endless robotic slider for the film industry, research, medicine and military use.