Endless Camera Slider - 0 is robotized linear guide for the film industry, research, medicine and military use.


Endless Camera Slider - 0 is robotized linear guide for the film industry, research, medicine and military use.

What is ECS-0?

ECS-0 is an universal robotic linear positioning system designed for demanding applications and environments.

It is designed for moving a sliding robot on unlimited lengths, can be achieved by thanks to the unique connection system developed by EUES LABORATORY connecting other identical linear units. In addition, the ECS-0 allows synchronized travel run of several positioning robots on one or more linear guides.

Thanks to the user-replaceable interface unit, the ECS-0 can be used for a variety of applications with a positioning accuracy of up to 0.01mm at a distance of 1m.

The core of the ECS-0 are two redundant powerful computers that ensure the smooth operation of the unit.


  • Minimum length of linear guide: 1000mm.
  • Maximum length of linear guide: infinite length.
  • Maximum number of synchronized sliding robots – in the order of millions.
  • Precission movement 0,01mm per 1m length.
  • Minimum positioning speed: 0,01mm (one step per unlimited time).
  • Maximum positioning speed: 167mm per 1s.
  • Powered by adaptable battery system, or power supply.
  • Weight of one linear guide: 3Kg.
  • Weight of motion robotic unit: unknown yet.
  • 2* LAN
  • WIFI
  • Graphic environment control from web interface.
  • Possibility of programming using a file instructions.
  • Alternative interface for camera or other controlling systems.
  • Robust stainless steel and aluminium design.
  • Armored threads 3* 3/8 UNC.


  • Filming on tall buildings or in the crowns of tall trees.
  • Positioning device for exploring the depths of the earth.
  • Lifting equipment for the construction industry.
  • Delivery unit for military use.
  • Elevator equipment for research.
  • Elevator for people.

TriloBITE 2560 PRO
included in ECS-0

TriloBITE 2560 PRO is an universal control module, designed for automation and robotics, made in EUES LABORATORY. It is a system developed directly for the ECS-0 project, but later its development was oriented as the development of a more universal system. It is designed for universal use and for the needs of professional and reliable systems.

The core of the module is the popular ATmega2560 microcontroller, which with the number of its internal peripherals, which are all accessible via connectors, allows use in a wide range of technology.